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Decorative materials which are used in hazardous areas (e.g. aircraft industry, automotive industry, building sector) are subject of strict fire protection guidelines.

For example, all seat and back cushions of an aircraft seat must comply with the requirements of FAR 25.853. Leather and textile parts used in the aviation industry must pass a 12-second vertical flame treatment according to defined specifications; the finished upholstery must undergo a two-minute burning test using a kerosene burner with the specification of a maximum weight loss of ten percent. In addition to the burning behavior, the smoke gas density, toxicity and heat release in the event of a fire are also important.

The use of our fire-Tec® products offers our customers a number of advantages:

  • Correspondence with fire protection regulations
    Our fire-Tec® products make a significant contribution of meeting the high requirements of burning behavior even with critical decorative materials by providing a lining between the foam cushion and the outer fabric as well as increasing safety in demanding fields of application.
  • Usage of individual components with excellent burning behavior throughout
    We use fabrics made of high-performance yarns needled with a nonwoven material. The decorative material is bonded with hot-melt adhesive webs specially developed for this application and tested for suitability. All materials have a Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) of > 33. The required flammability test results of the materials are provided to our customers upon delivery.
  • Excellent dry cleaning resistance of textile fabrics
    Dry cleaning resistance of textile laminates in combination with fire-Tec® products can be clearly increased beyond common market requirements. Up to ten cleaning cycles can be carried out without delamination, which has been confirmed by corresponding tests.
  • Expandable to special effects with additional benefits
    In addition to improved flame protection, the use of innovative fire-Tec® products also allows significant weight savings. Furthermore, it is possible to absorb noise in order to reduce an annoying sound level. Unpleasant odors from the ambient air can be permanently reduced using a special technology. The passive seating climate can also be improved. In addition, special 3D design effects can be realized.

Combined use with products of the bi-Tec® series in the case of leather processing can also improve the mechanical strength.

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Article / Data Sheet

Field of Application

fire-Tec® F.2000.00.170.22
PDF Download (256 KB)

Substructure for decorative surface materials of seats e.g. in the aircraft industry or contract furniture applications. High improvement of flammability of decorative surface materials

fire-Tec® N.0802.00.180.99
PDF Download (389 KB)

High improvement of flammability of decorative surface materials

fire-Tec® F.6000.00.140.00
PDF Download (522 KB)

Upholstery material for aircraft seats, High ageing- and dry-cleaning resistance, Very high seat comfort

fire-Tec® F.3800.00.100.17
PDF Download (214 KB)

Upholstery material for aircraft seats

fire-Tec® F.3850.00.100.09
PDF Download (214 KB)

Upholstery material for aircraft seats, high abrasion protection, to be used in visual area

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